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SC 500

In line with the century old Nilfisk tradition, SC450 combines performance, reliability, productivity and ease of use in a well designed and cost efficient all round scrubber/dryer.

SC450 performs equally well on the floors of schools, hospitals, shops, warehouses and offices as on the bottom line. It is designed with easy maintenance, low consumption of water, detergents and energy in mind.

For the manager as well as the operator SC450 is an easy choice.

    • The low noise level enables daytime cleaning for increased comfort and efficiency
    • Polyethylene corrosion proof rotomolded tank ensures durability
    • Automatic squeegee release when hitting obstacles provides reliable use and extended lifetime of equipment
    • Large recovery tank and removable lid for easy cleaning.
    • Fast and hygienic
    • Most electrical components are placed in dedicated waterproof box for reliability and safety


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